DUNVILLE INTERNATIONAL was founded on a powerful vision that the human capability, creativity and potential knows no limits – a conviction that if people were given the opportunity, knowledge, encouragement and the correct tools to utilize, they could scale unbelievable heights which they never imagined would be possible to achieve.
A dynamic and established training provider in the training industry, Dunville specializes in providing a range of contemporary seminars, workshops and customized corporate programs to a broad spectrum of clientele ranging from multinational corporations to public listed companies and small & medium enterprises in various countries spanning across the Asia Pacific region.
One of Dunville’s key strengths is its ability to carry out detailed customization of programs for its clients. Its flexibility and ability to cater to the varying needs of each organization have enabled Dunville to form successful working partnerships with its clients. Its panel of trainers consists of specialists and globally ranked gurus, with all of them having more than twenty to thirty years of international training and working experience in their respective specialized fields.
Dunville aims to provide individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills and tools to achieve performance excellence so that they will be agile enough to adapt to the changing realities and thereby prosper in this complex and competitive world. It is committed to fulfilling its mission of training and nurturing the leaders of today for a better tomorrow.
Currently, Dunville has offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.