Executive Education
Society Of Business Practitioners (SBP) UK - Executive Diploma, Advanced Diploma And Post Graduate Diploma In Business Administration.
SBP is a UK professional body, initially established in the United Kingdom for the benefit of a group of highly successful business practitioners. Today, the Society has become the accepted senior professional body for business practitioners and business students with a wide international distribution of members globally. The Society’s Diploma awards are valuable, internationally recognized business qualifications which attract credits and exemptions from other institutes and educational establishments.
Dunville offers the following diploma programs conducted by SBP :
The Executive Diploma Series :

Executive Diploma in Corporate Management
Executive Diploma in Administration & Human Resources Management
Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management & Leadership
Executive Diploma in Office Administration
Executive Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Studies
Executive Diploma in Strategic HRM
Executive Diploma in Administrative Management
Executive Diploma in Supervisory Management
Executive Diploma in Automotive Management
Executive Diploma in Corporate Leadership
Executive Diploma in Manufacturing Management
Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership
Executive Diploma in Automotive Technology Management
Executive Diploma in Sales Management
Executive Diploma in Office Management
Executive Diploma in Contract Management
Executive Diploma in Property Sales Management
Executive Diploma in Property Management
The Diploma Series :
Diploma in Business Administration
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
The Senior Professional Qualification Series :
Associateship (ASBP, Snr Prof Q)
Licentiateship ( LSBP, Snr Prof Q)
Graduateship (GSBP, Snr Prof Q)
Fellowship (GSBP, Snr Prof Q)
Train-the-Trainer Certification
Colored Brain Inventory Certification
Colored Brain, Human Drivers and Postures Certification
Colored Brain, Human Drivers and Postures Certification & Advanced Facilitation Certification
5 stars for teaching quality - 3 years running.
The only Victorian University with these grades.
Teaching quality - 2010, 2011 and 2012
Source: The Good University Guide 2012
MBA | Master of Business Administration
Corporate/In-Company Program

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A five-star ranking for teaching - the highest possible in Australia
A genuinely global orientation to courses and teaching with programs delivered globally
Qualifications that are recognised worldwide for its quality and academic vigour
Affiliated with the prestigious Harvard University to deliver a course in economic development
A flexible, empathetic and interactive delivery style across the world
A prudently designed Graduate Program that blends current theories with workplace practice

Amongst illustrious companies
Our partners have included Ericsson, Mars Confectionery, McDonald's Corporation, Ballarat Health Services, Manningham City Council, IBM, a Local Government Consortium. a global leading Computer Solutions Brand and Asia's leading Integrated Cross Media Group.
Integrating in house development programs within a formal award framework.
The Business School corporate/in-company programs are co-operative ventures between The Business School and partner organisations, providing management development programs within the framework of and organisation's staff development requirements and university accredited management qualifications.
In doing so, the programs strengthen in-house management programs by providing a rigorous educational and conceptual framework, linked to contemporary insights and developments in business practice internationally. They reinforce the motivation of individuals and their commitment to a serious engagement in their professional and personal development, not just through the quality of the programs but equally because of their recognition towards formal University level qualifications.
Our corporate/in-house programs are generally delivered through modular units which lead to initial qualifications in management, such as a Graduate Certificate of Management or Graduate Diploma of Management, right through to a Master of Business Administrative (MBA).
We use a wide range of participative and learner centred methods - including 'action' and programmed learning, case studies and in-company projects - in order to give a relevance and immediate impact on the capabilities of our students in the workplace and within a particular organisation.
Furthermore, our specialist capabilities in management education mean that our partnerships are an extremely cost effective option for our partners, enabling them to avoid many of the costs entailed in maintaining a capacity to deliver these sorts of programs in-house.
We are flexible. Courses are run at times and places convenient to our partner organisations. We are not limited by traditional University semesters, nor to attendance at The Business School.
At present, we work on University premises, at in-house training centres, and at hotels on week-days, weekends and evenings throughout the year, according to clients' needs.