24th - 25th March 2020 (2 Days)
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang.
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Employees with good presentation skills can improve the organizational effectiveness. Good presentation skills provide the employees with a platform to demonstrate their reporting skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, influencing abilities and promotion potentials. They help lubricates the organizational communication process, reduce misunderstandings, and improve productivity and human relations. Good presentation skills are even more critical for employees representing their organizations in sales, project or business meetings because this will directly impact their end-results.

A good presentation is well prepared, clearly delivered, accomplishes its objectives, audible, engaging, and accompanied, where appropriate, by useful and legible handouts and competent use of supporting materials/equipment (e.g., overheads etc.). This course trains the presenter to presents information and facts coherently in a way that the audience understands his message clearly. It is an interactive course that trains participants to systematically organize and deliver effective presentations. During the course, participants will take part in many exercises to improve the way in which they present. They will learn how to understand their listener(s), organize contents from the listener's point of view, eliminate "overkill", control nervousness, eliminate boredom, effectively use visual aids, control questions & answers, and obtain responses and actions. Videotape is used extensively, and each participant reviews his or her tapes and receives constructive feedbacks from their peers.
Team Leaders
Department Heads
At the end of the course, participants will…
Gain awareness of the purpose, benefits and method of an effective presentation
Able to make effective and interesting presentations: learn how to understand their listener(s), organize content from the listener's point of view, eliminate "overkill", control nervousness, eliminate boredom, effectively use visual aids, body language, control questions & answers, and obtain responses and actions
Know how to structure your presentation to deliver their key messages
Know how to recognize and maximize on their presentation strengths
1. Introduction:
Presentation overview.
Why are presentation skills so important?
Good and bad presentations.
Mistakes to avoid.

2. Establishing your goals:
Begin with the close first.
Examining various types of close.
Focus on your key messages and build a structure to achieve them.

3. Structuring your Presentation:
Outlining your story line and elements of presentation.
Critical success factors, keywords, voice.
Gathering presentation materials/data.
Correct usage of audio-visual aids.

4. Opening with impact and interest:
The introduction: Self and Audience.
Tailor the presentation to the audience.
Assessing the environment.
Getting attention and keeping interest.

5. Understanding Non-Verbal Communications
Importance of maintaining eye contacts.
Use of gestures & body movements.
Analyzing audience’s body language.

6. Rehearsing your presentation:
Exploring your comfort style. Maximizing non-verbal messages.
Maintaining self control and confidence.
Getting feedback.
Listening skills.
Anticipation and how to overcome obstacles.
Handling questions.
Overcoming stage fright.

7. Exercises:
Video-tape session

  Yvonne Ooi has more than 12 years of experience as a trainer and facilitator. In the course of her training profession, she has conducted in-house and public programs in relation to attitude & mindset tuning, NLP communication & interpersonal skills, sales coaching, presentation skills, goal setting and career advancement and etc.

Yvonne holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from USA. She is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Semantics (NS) & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Practitioner of Timelines & Accessing Personal Genius.

Yvonne has vast experience in the financial service industry. She started her sales career in 1994. She was involved in the development of successful sales people. With her experience and outstanding teaching skills, she has accepted the offer to move on to the field of training and development. Yvonne was attached to numerous International Insurance organizations such as AIA, Great Eastern Life, Manulife, Hong Leong Assurance. She was involved in training & development, agency coaching for recruitment and productivity. One of her achievement was the “Supreme Achiever” Award in 2006 to recognize her outstanding performance in agency coaching. To mark her excellent work attitude and performances, she also qualified for multiple company conventions.

In 2013, Yvonne became a full time dedicated Certified Professional Trainer and Life Coach. She has trained and facilitated participants from B Braun, Philip Lumileds, Dell, Prudential, Public Mutual, Amway, Manulife, Allianz, Hong Leong Assurance, Penang Women Development Corporation (PWDC) and etc. On top of that, she often conducts 1-1 or small group coaching sessions to her clients for career and business development.

HRDF – SBL Application (100% reimbursement)

RM2,600 per person
(Inclusive of materials, 2 tea breaks, lunch and certificate of attendance)

We can run this course in-house for your employees. For the detailed training proposal, please contact us by email program@dunville.com.my or call 04-2293900

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