20th - 21st April 2020 (2 Days)
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang.
Call us at 04-2293 900 or email: program@dunville.com.my
Team Leaders
Department Heads
Offer a new way of thinking through foster intuition, innovation, imagination and inspirational.
Discover the innovative potential in themselves and others.
Understand and apply the four stages of creative thinking to their fullest potential.
Acquire high range of ideas and techniques to help them think differently.
Apply divergent and convergent thinking during creative idea generation process.
Able to shape on a bigger picture by avoiding fixed pattern of perception.
Understand the interesting metaphors that would help them solve complex issues.
Apply the techniques for generating and capturing new ideas through lateral thinking process.
Combine creative thinking with routine activities and keep the flow of new ideas coming.
Break out of habitual of fixed thinking patterns by tapping into the hidden creative potential.
Unleash creativity to support continuous workplace improvement and efficiency.
Apply creative metaphors and different creative tools in their daily work context.
Creative Potential Profile
Finding Our Creative Intelligence
• Intuitive
• Innovative
• Imaginative
• Inspirational
General intelligence vs creative intelligence

Creative Thinking: It’s so simple but we all do it differently
Getting the same wavelength
Avoiding conceptual block
Convergent and divergent thinking
Lateral thinking structure
Cultural structure that reinforce convergent thinking
Arriving is not the point – it’s the journey
Intellectual mobility

Attitude toward Creativity
An attitude ‘not invented here’, attitude take from everywhere
• Going out to find something new
A process of discovery
• Uncovering or bring to light
Finding Out the Thing
• Finding out thing that society hasn’t found yet
• Value adding the thing that has been found

Nurturing Your Creativity and Innovation Power
How creative are you?
A shift in paradigm for creativity
Split brain theory
Creativity through value adding

The Creative Tools for Successful Innovation
Morphological approach
Forced relationship
Using Analogy
Discontinuity approach
Telling lies: assumption buster
Value engineering – idea generation

Creating Business Growth through Ideas and Innovation
New ideas from innovative thinking
How to find your ideas – Thinking about thinking
Where to look for million-dollar ideas
Putting the Idea factory to work

  Certified DC Psychology Trainer-Coach I Author I Firewalker
Creative Intelligence & Transformational Thinking
Innovation Leadership & Organisational Development
Directive Communication™ Psychology at Directive Communication International In accreditation with the American Institute Of Business Psychology DCI-AIOBP

“Creative people are geniuses. They visualise things that don’t exist and bring these imaginations to life. Their minds travel places no one else has ever gone before. They think and live their entire life outside the box. They love paradigms and are never afraid of change. They transform the impossible to possible!”
- LENAghaz.

CREATIVE, ENERGETIC, AND VIBRANT LENAghaz, is Asia’s thought catalyst in Creative Intelligence and Transformational Thinking; Innovation Leadership and Organisational Development.

LENAghaz’s formative career portfolio encompasses 25 award-winning years in Creative Directorship and Consultancy at local and international advertising outfits in Asia and the United Kingdom. Her expertise in creative intelligence focuses on leadership, influence, negotiation, problem solving and decision making.

LENAghaz is a DC Certified Trainer-Coach in Directive Communication™ Psychology at Directive Communication International (DCI) Asia, in accreditation with the American Institute Of Business Psychology (AIOBP). She is an Author, and also a Certified Firewalker from the Anthony Robbins Life and Wealth Mastery University; having earned a host of professional accolades and masterclass certifications from world-renown gurus.

Directive Communication™ Psychology methodology is the genetic psychology of group dynamics focused on performance enhancement and organisational development of diverse individuals in various roles affecting increased competence and enthusiasm towards common goals.

Described as a powerful communicator with innate talent and aptitude for talent motivational development, LENAghaz is renown for her highly energetic, inspirational, experiential accelerated learning and impact performance team building seminars and workshops. She is well respected for championing positive values dedicated to inspire, motivate, and unleash talent potentials towards transformational excellence.

LENAghaz has garnered a wealth of 23 years professional training and coaching spanning Corporations, MNCs, SMEs, Government, and GLCs. Her training portfolio showcases high-profile clients such as Petroliam Nasional (PETRONAS), Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (PROTON), Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), Japan Tobacco International (JTI), Employees Provident Fund (KWSP), PLUS Malaysia Berhad, DRB-Hicom Group, UEM Group, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Astro, Nestlé, Siemens, Tanjong PLC, National-Panasonic-Technics, Cyberview, Putrajaya Development, Malaysian Global Innovation And Creativity Centre (MaGIC), the Prime Minister’s Department, a host of commercial banks; just to name a few.
HRDF – SBL Application (100% reimbursement)

RM2,600 per person
(Inclusive of materials, 2 tea breaks, lunch and certificate of attendance)

We can run this course in-house for your employees. For the detailed training proposal, please contact us by email program@dunville.com.my or call 04-2293900

Terms and Conditions of Seminar

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Please make cheques payable to Dunville Training Centre Sdn Bhd and bank-in or direct digital bank transfer payment to Hong Leong Bank 26300000560
Payment must be received at least 7 days prior to the seminar date.
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The organizer reserves the right to make any amendments and / or changes to the seminar programme, venue, speakers replacement and or topics if warranted by circumstances beyond its control.