Team Building

Indoor Team Building
Course Objectives :
At the end of this program, participants would be:-
More sensitive to the subtleties of team dynamics
Able to handle difficult situations with ease
Able to motivate co-workers towards greater effectiveness
Winning respect through constructive feedback
Able to better understand employee behaviour at work
Fostering closer work relations through trust and tolerance among team members
Course Outline :
The Art of Relationship Building
Understanding why co-workers behave the way they do
Relating to colleagues
Expressing empathy
Differentiating feelings from thoughts
Use the magic of rapport: the five step process
Forging Departmental Cooperation
Intra-department support
Inter-department support
Enhancing Team Collaboration
Managing stages of team development
Creating team vision and values
Driving team efficiency and team effectiveness
The difference between facilitating, motivating and leading teams
Empower teams through creativity
Methodology :
Short lectures, discussion, case study and group activities.
Course Duration :
1 or 2 days
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