Team Building

Outdoor Team Building
Introduction :
Outdoor team building programs are popular as most of us work in an indoor setting and it is refreshing to go out and have fun in the sun. Outdoor Team Building programme is designed to promote group collaboration, thus creating a level playing field at all times.
Course Objectives :
Team dimensions reinforced in the session include:
Understanding The Differences Between A Group Of Individuals And An Effective Team
How We Can Leverage On The Team’s Diversity
How Perceptions Impact The Interaction Between People
Importance Of Effective Communications Through Empathy
Power Of Team’s Decision Making Versus Individual Decision Making
Criticalness Of Team Process For Maximizing Team Performance
Need To Balance Between Task And People Maintenance Behaviors

Participants also have the opportunity to assume team leadership roles as each activity will require a different leader and understand the goal setting process.
Course Content :
Ice breaker (My Bonnie)
The Ball Game (handling environmental challenges as a team)
A Personal Oath (making a personal commitment to the team in public)
Uses of Paper (Impact of perception, emotions, mindset, attitude on team interaction and performance)
The Long Rope (self awareness of being a team member – understand impact of individual behaviors on team performance)
Team Identity and Values
Johari Window (Building trust – Model for Interpersonal Relationship)
Sighted and Unsighted (team alignment activity – understanding the impact of communication on team performance)
Hole-in-one (power of cross-team sharing and learning)
String Solution (Changing your perspective to get a different insight)
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