Team Building

The Heritage Treasure Hunt
Introduction :
The Heritage Trail Challenge (the area of coverage as per the map that prepared by instructor)
Description :
This session consists of multiple challenges and creativity tests for the participants. Some easy and tricky quizzes for the team from start to finish – put their patience, integrity and “thinking on their feet” as they learn how to get to know each other’s capabilities and overcome the challenges of moving from a group of
individuals to working as a team.
Learning Outcomes :
Move from group of individuals to working as a team. They will learn about:
Trust & mutual respect and acceptance of each other (boost team spirit and recognize each other’s contribution and strengths)
Effective & open communication (open and approachable in getting and providing feedback, understanding each other)
Team Synergy (sharing of resources to achieve goal, using the different individual capabilities to tackle the team challenge)
Accountability (taking personal responsibility and doing the right thing for the good of the team)
Operational efficiency (working through difficulties to develop high impact and competent team)
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